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What Is Social List?

Social List is a tool to instantly build lists of target social profiles, matching your search parameters, such as locations, employers, and job titles. Our search is precise and more powerful than traditional search engine X-Ray methods and helps to overcome various social sites' search limitations. Social List consists of several social site-specific search tools - we call them Agents. Each Agent finds and can optionally save up to one hundred search results in an Excel file. We have developed the Social List Agents from our accumulated "know-how" of Internet search behavior, baking in multiple search parameters "behind the code" to provide high-precision results. Our built-in Contact Finder (used on profiles found by Agents, or entered by users) can enrich results with email addresses.

Social List has a built-in Contact Finder and can enrich found records with email addresses.

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Teams: please contact us for custom plans and discounts.

Individual subscribers can choose between our plans:

Individual Yearly Plan Individual Monthly Plan
Free Trial (days) 7 7
Cost $529.00/ Year $49.00/ Month
Daily Searches with High-Precision Search Agents 500 500
Daily Exports to Excel 300 300
Enrichment Credits Added 120/ Year 10/ Month

Subscribers can buy additional enrichment credits to use with our built-in Contact Finder (25 credits/ $10).

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