Social List Review and Video by Dean Da Costa

Originally published on Recruiting Tools.

Look inside with Dean Da Costa:


"Social List is a very cool recruiting & sourcing tool that allows you to search through a wide variety of social sites to find people and contacts that fit your needs.  Created by Irina Shamaeva of BrainGain, you know it has to be good. In its most recent update, it adds a great new feature: the Contact Finder.

I won’t go into too much depth on the previous features, but overall Social List packs a lot of power and versatility. You can search through social sites such as LinkedInGithubMeetupResearchGate and more. Better yet, these searches are specifically tailored to each site. For example, the LinkedIn search agent lets you search by company and title, and there’s even a specific search for people “Open to New Opportunities.” The results of each search are displayed in a way that makes sense, highlighting NameTitle, and Company.

However, the new Contact Finder feature of Social List makes it an even more valuable tool. The Contact Finder tab can be found at the top of the screen and takes you to a new search tool.

This tool makes it very easy and fast to pull out all the information you need.

With the addition of this new feature, Social List can now help you with multiple aspects of your recruiting process. You can use Social List’s search agents to find people (and profile URLs) that you want to research further. Then, take that information into the Contact Finder feature to pull contacts!

If you haven’t used Social List in your workflow before, now is a great time to give it a try. ~Noel Cocca"