What Is Social List?

Social List is a tool to instantly build lists of target social profiles, matching your search parameters, such as locations, employers, and job titles.

Our search is precise and more powerful than traditional search engine X-Ray methods, and we feel its release to be quite timely, with many sites (including LinkedIn) continuing to limit how we can use them.

Social List consists of several social site-specific search tools - we call them Agents. Each Agent is dedicated to searching for profiles on a given social site and can optionally save up to 100 search results in an Excel file.

We have developed the Social List Agents from our accumulated “know-how” of Internet search behavior, baking in multiple search parameters “behind the code” to provide high-precision results.

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Who Will Benefit

Our target audience is:

How It Works

We have intentionally made Social List simple to use – just enter search terms in some fields and review the results.

Social List Agents search for public profile information. Each Agent offers several precise search fields (such as Job Title, Company, or Location), and an additional Keywords field.

Precise fields accept one or more keywords. "Precise search" means that if, for example, you enter Amazon in the Company field, you will find profiles of people who currently work at Amazon (and not just have the word "Amazon" somewhere on their public profile). The Keywords field works just like Google's search box – enter any keywords, phrases, or search operators you like. Each Agent comes with examples and links to tips on how to get good results.

linkedin agent

After you run a search via an Agent, you can export its results to an Excel file:

Excel-formatted exports include the social profile URLs, titles, previews, and additional structured data. You can use exported lists as the starting point for further research, or share them with colleagues. You can also enrich the exported Excel files with extra information, such as contact email addresses, with third-party tools. 

Social List vs. Other Tools

This chart outlines unique search abilities of some of our Agents.


What You Can't Find Anywhere Else


Search profile headlines (“roles”)

Locations - search by city or state names

Affordable, precise search for other fields

Find publicly shared email addresses

See full profiles for all members


Target profiles with emails

Search by company

Search for two or more programming languages


Search by member location

Search by Meetup topics


Affordable precision search by Title, Company, and Location

User Feedback

During the first 10 months of operation, hundreds of Beta and limited release users have tried the tool – and everyone loved it! Here are just a few of their comments.

“Just found a fantastic candidate using your tool that I hadn't come across with LI Recruiter. He literally had everything I was looking for and LI hadn't returned him for me once.” - Katharine Robinson

 “This would be the first tool I would start my search with. I am very happy with the results - hardly any noise! - very focused and targeted answers. No whistles, no bells, just a straightforward, excellent search tool. A (very!) good job! ” - Karen Azulai

 “Fast, reliable, and simple list creation. Maximum results with minimal effort. Fun to find profiles I would have otherwise missed. I like that in addition to GitHub and LinkedIn (often the lowest hanging fruit), Social List offers custom search lists for Meetup, Zoominfo and Google Plus. -- Sourcers at all levels will want to hop right in” - Maisha Cannon


We are starting off with one option – monthly membership at $49/month - that can be canceled at any time. Note: when you sign up, you need to give us your credit card information. You will have 48 hours to check out the tool on the trial basis. The card will not be charged if you cancel during the trial period.

Cool! What's Next?

The tool is open for business, but we are only allowing a limited number of users. If you want your colleagues to be part of the launch, please tell them to hurry and sign up!

We have tons of other ideas on how we can scale and expand Social List, including integration with other services, building custom Agents for clients, and more. Stay tuned!